About Westside United Football Club

Westside United Football Club, a division of Magic Soccer Club of Indiana Inc., is a Premier level soccer club based out of Avon, IN. Westside United was originated in 2001 by John Case and Dustin Ottesen who have been a big part of building soccer on the Westside over the last two decades. Many of our players come from Hendricks County and the Central Indiana area, but also extend as far as Terre Haute, Columbus, Noblesville, Chesterton, and Valparaiso. 


In our 22 years of existence, Westside United has over 30 State, President or Challenge CUP Championships, over 50 State, President, and Challenge CUP Finalist, 3 regional finalists, 7 regional semi-finalist, and 1 regional champion. We have produced over 500 college soccer players, and our numbers continue to grow every year.  Thousands of players from WSU have moved on to play for their high school programs. We have had hundreds of players involved with the ODP program on the state, regional, and national level. 


We are dedicated to providing the best coaching for each and every one of our teams.  Westside United is committed to providing developmentally appropriate environments for all levels of players. Our experienced and nationally certified professional staff ensures that each club player receives appropriate instruction, quality leadership, and exposure to valuable life lessons. Our goal is to promote and teach youth soccer in the state of Indiana and provide Premier soccer to Hendricks County and the central Indiana area.


MISSION: To teach and promote youth soccer in the central Indiana area and provide a unique, modern, and premier soccer experience to the Westside of Indianapolis.


WEBMASTER: webmaster@wsusoccer.com


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