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Registration will close on March 10th..  Late registrations will be accepted only for divisions with roster spots still available)



This will be an 8 game season, plus a tournament.  The end of season tournament will be held on the weekend of May 17th – 19th.

Home games are played at the Kingsway Christian Church and School, Crossroads Christian Church, or PineTree Elementary.  Practices are held at the soccer fields at Westside Church at 8610 W 10 th St or Crossroads Church.  Practice nights are set by the team coach and a field is assigned by the WSU Director of Coaching.


Teams will be registered in the WCSSF Select Soccer Leaguehttp://www.wcssf.org for more information, rules, and dates.  The league has four divisions, each with a combination of ages and gender (no age group has a separate girl’s division).

U11 division – This division combines U9 – U11 players (birth years 2015, 2014, and 2013).  2015 birthdates are allowed to remain in our Junior Academy if desired.  Players born in 2013 can choose to play in the U11 - U13 division.  Game format is 7v7 on a U10 size field.

U13 division – This division combines U11 – U13 players (birth years 2013,2012, and 2011). Players born in 2011 can choose to play in the U15 division.  Game format is 9v9 on a small side field.

U15 division – This division combines U13 – U15 players (birth years 2011, 2010, and 2009).  Players born in 2009 and in 8 th grade, can remain in the U15 group, or can choose to play up in the HS division if desired.  Game format is 11v11 on a full side field.

High School division – This division combines U15 – U19 players (birth years 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005).  Players born in 2005 must still be High School students.  

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Indiana  Soccer League 

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